Roofs and common issues

We’ll post information about roofing and other related issues pertaining to the roof found on our home inspections.

  • Plumbing vents and brick chimney issues.  Home inspection in De Pere  (video)
  • Hail damage.  These “dents” can cause the protective granules on your shingles to “pop” off leaving the backer portion of the shingle exposed.   If you only have a few marks, seal with tar and you can rub some granules from an extra shingle into the tar to conceal the patch.   To many in one area can deteriorate the roof and a roofing contractor should evaluate your roof.
    What hail damage can look like:


    Hail damage to the shingle, caused the protective surface granules to fall off.


    Close up view of some hail damage. This dent caused damage to the shingles backer matting that will eventually deteriorate and leak, if not sealed or repaired.


    Ten hits or dents in a 10′ x 10′ area usually means the roof should be replaced. Have your roof evaluated if a storm happened in your area.


  • Sealing B-vent or metal pipe drip collars:  We suggest sealing around these drip collars, as water can run down along the flue where it’s crimped and leak into attic.  Simply seal with   a  good silicon caulk.   drip-collar-on-vent-pipe