Preparing for a home inspection

Ready to sell your home?   Here are some helpful tips that you may want to remedy before a home inspection.  This can help reduce items being noted or “tagged” in your buyers inspection report.  The less items noted, makes the home look well maintained and should be less of an issue for buyers to try and ask for any repairs.

First off, have readily accessible areas cleared, like access to attic, electrical, furnace, crawl space, etc.   Below are commonly found items on home inspections that I perform that could easily be fixed and reduce any writes ups on the report:

  • Simply install light switch and outlet covers and cover open junction boxes in the basement!  They are cheap and easy to do.
  • You may wish to upgrade certain outlets to GFCI outlets in bathrooms, kitchens, garage, exterior locations.  (you may need to contact an electrician)
  • Handrails and Guardrails:
    • Install a handrail at any set of stairs over 2 risers.  (Most FHA loans require handrails)
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    • Spacing between spindles now days need to be less then 4″ for safety.  Suggest filling in open stairways with spindles or rails.
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  • When changing your water heater, be sure to include a drip leg at gas connection.  The drip tube from the TPR safety valve and it should be within 6″ of the floor.  A water shut off valve on the supply line is also a good idea.
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  • This isn’t a necessity, but is a great idea to reduce pest getting into your furnace or blocking the vents.  Screens or these PVC covers for your furnace vents.   With that said check your dryer vent also, making sure the pest cover is free and clear to close properly.
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  • Vent your bath fan to the exterior of the home.  Bath vents should not be blowing into the attic or soffit.  Vent them through the soffit, gable end, or roof and provide the proper vent cap for the type of application you choose.
  • Touch up any peeling paint.  Again, FHA type loans can be picky about this and may cause more delays in the sale of your home.


I will add more inspection tips soon.