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Who are we and what do we do?  To put it simply, Construction and Home Inspections. We offer all the services of a big construction company, but with the not-so-big price.  We keep overhead low and pass savings on to our clients.

Michael, the president of MK & Associates, Inc. has been in the construction industry for over 35 years, and has built numerous projects around the Green Bay area. Michael incorporates his construction knowledge when performing home inspections.  Inspecting 1000’s of homes for the last 18 years, he has put many new homeowners at ease, taking a lot of the unknowns out of purchasing a home.

MK & Associates, Inc. also offers what we call “home services.”  These are the smaller projects that some people would call a handyman to complete. Maybe you just need a referral or our help to get a project done right.  We have established working relationships with qualified and trusted sub-contractors.  Why scour the Internet or phone book to call some stranger or business you aren’t familiar with to come into your home and perform work you may or may not know anything about?  Let us manage the project from start to finish with our trusted contractors. We provide a source of security between you, the owner and contractor(s) performing the work.  Now you have an advocate on your side overseeing the work to proper completion and warranty work in the future.

Construction management services protect the owner.  With MK & Associates, Inc., you’re getting third party protection, advice, and security that the contractors do their job efficiently and properly. All this means less time and stress for you, as our client.  We hear so many times, about clients getting the wool pulled over their eyes, or a contractor started the project and did a horrible job, or better yet didn’t finish!  This only costs you more in the long run when you were looking to save time and money in the first place.  Protect yourself and hire a project manager to reduce possible belated cost and construction issues, it makes the most sense.


Michael Krajewski

I started MK & Associates, Inc. in 2000 with the compassion and understanding that people need someone to turn to and trust.  I currently have been in the construction and home inspection business for over 35 years.  I’ve previously worked for a general contractor and a project management company.  I currently hold a degree in architecture, while also being a licensed contractor and a licensed home inspector.

I wanted to develop a company where there can be honesty and understanding between the owner and builder. I knew there had to be a way to remove this wall between them. With construction management, it is just that. By providing our clients with a manager, this gives the owner a construction advocate to help with the building process. MK & Associates, Inc. serves as someone who will oversee the project at hand, report to the owner with any issues, and work to solve any issues or cost changes in a timely manner.

What makes us different then other construction management companies is the fact that we offer all the construction services needed for any project without the big time cost some larger local companies charge. We have a lower overhead and provide a more personal touch. As any manager would do for their boss, I look to help reduce cost as the building process moves along. This could be from changes to reduced material, changes in material, or less labor than estimated. I feel this is the most important difference that sets us apart from others. Once contracted, it is my job to maintain quality, efficiency and the budget, like a manager should do. Any cost savings are used to cover any construction overages, changes, or possibly put towards any additional items the owner wants. Most other companies would in fact pocket the savings and charge you for any overages up and beyond the original cost.

This brings me full circle to why I started my construction management company as opposed to a builder vs. owner type company that most are accustomed to. I want to work with the client not against them.

With all the construction experience and knowledge I have developed, I wanted to bring my expertise to home inspections.  I strive to be the best in the industry and provide my clients with a complete detailed home inspection they can rely on.  It has been a very satisfying feeling helping 1000’s of people out when purchasing a home.



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