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We have down scaled our construction services from construction management(see below) to more of a “hands on” to better fit our customers needs.  We are a father and son team tackling residential needs.  This day and age, it is hard to get a contractor to evaluate the project you have in mind.  Be it siding/windows, garages, remodeling or decks, we can help you get you in the right direction  and evaluate the project at hand.  Contact us for any questions you may have.



Note: We are currently not accepting large Commercial projects as we have discontinued our Construction Management Services:

We are a full service commercial/residential construction management company.  We work with our clients to achieve the best possible solutions for each project.  As your personal Construction Management (CM) company, we work for you.  We are your advocate when taking on any project.  Will advise, problem solve and ensure the project is completed to your satisfaction.  When contracting with MK & Associates, Inc., you are giving yourself an added protection to ensure sub-contractors follow through and follow up with their jobs.  Our follow through, prior, during and after project completion is second to none.

The following are some items to consider when starting a  project:

Using the cheapest/lowest bid available.

  • This can, of course, reduce quality. Oftentimes cheaper materials are used, or shortcuts are taken during the build process, to regain profit – reducing the quality of the home. As an inspector, I’ve seen builders skip house wrap or take other shortcuts, ultimately costing the owner much more over the long run. When you have a limited budget (and let’s face it, who says money is no object!), oftentimes the mistake made is that the bottom line is the only focus. People sometimes forget that what they want and what they can afford might be very far apart.  This is why bids should be evaluated/compared BEFORE you build, to make sure your getting what you asked for.  It is my job as your project manager to help you work your way through to find the “happy medium”.

Low price ends up being more:

  • This is very common. The builder proposes an awesome price to build the home. The owner might think they are getting what they want, but during the build process “that’s extra” is heard a lot. You end up paying the “extra” plus the builder’s 10% mark up for the changes. This is a tool commonly used to regain profit. Also, NEVER put money down!  Some may require a small retainer, but never more then 10%, ever!

Being my own “general” will save me money:

  • Persons taking on the role as a general contractor, hiring all the sub contractors themselves think they will save all this money. Some may have some construction experience but none of which have actually built anything.  We don’t “pretend” to be Accountants or  Automobile Repair Tech’s,  you shouldn’t pretend to be a general.  You most likely have a daily job you work at, so how are you going to find the time to control a building project.  There is more to the process then having friends and buddies “help out”.  What I find in these situations, is that it ends up costing the person more then what we would have charged.  Do to inefficiencies(timing of contractors to be on site), not knowing the process, not catching mistakes or how to solve them, loss of wages from current job, the list goes on.  It doesn’t save you any money by the time the project is done.

Warranties, what about call backs:

  • Contracting MK & Associates, Inc. , you are giving yourself an added protection to ensure sub contractors follow through and follow up with their jobs.  Unlike being your own general, some contractors are reluctant to come back to fix things.  We assist in any problems related to your project for one full year after occupancy.  Because of our symbiotic relationship with sub contractors our follow through is 100%.

Communication between the owner and Project Manager is key:

  • Never assume anything, ask questions, and most importantly, listen to the advice given by your project manager. You hired someone to do a job for you – if you don’t understand something, just ask. That’s what we’re here for! No question is “dumb”. Building can be a fun, exciting, and educational experience!
    Building projects require a lot of decisions and planning. Finding the right company is just as important as the time it took to plan your project.  I strongly believe there is a need for a company like MK & Associates, Inc to help owners understand the building process and to give them guidance along the way, reducing the vulnerability some owners may feel going into a new project.

In summary, a common myth is that CM cost more, but it’s actually the opposite. With MK, once contracted, our mission is to save you money whenever possible during the construction process.  Since we are working with you, all cost are up front, we are not looking for “extra’s”.  Unlike most contractors bidding low then charging more along the way (see low price ends up more).  We credit where credit is do, and if something should change or our clients change there mind (which they should be able to do!)  We ensure the correct pricing from the contractors that are effected by the changes.  Because we find work for these contractors, they respect us and know they need to be fair on their pricing.  MK and Associates, Inc. has the experience whereas clients dealing with contractors directly, sometimes never know until it’s too late!

Someone once said, “You get what you pay for,” and in most cases this is true.  You can buy a used car for $500 or one for $1500.  We would like to think the latter would be in better shape and your most likely going to have to stick money into the $500 car.  The point we are trying to make is this; don’t set so much emphasis on the bottom line price.  You need to know everything that is involved.  Are you going to need to, “stick more money into it?”  Contact us to learn more about how we help maintain the proper budget when taking on building projects.



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