Home buying frustrations

Home buying use to be a fun and exhilarating experience.  Looking for that just right home you and your family.  The perfect yard, size of home or garage.  Well, in the last few years, the process has went from exhilarating to frustrating.  So many buyers, so few homes, quick decisions on to put in an offer or not.  The joys of taking the time to look, decide are over.  Quick decisions, paying over asking and not getting a home inspection have become the new process.

In the last 24 years of being in the home inspection business, we have not seen anything like this.  Skyrocketing home values, lack of inventory, and most importantly lack of home inspections.

Let’s face it, most want a home inspection.  In most cases, for less then $500 an home inspection can let you know that your investment purchasing a home is safe and fruitful.  Upfront cost issues are general found and can be negotiated on and general maintenance can be budgeted accordingly.  It gives you a full understanding on the condition the home is in.  Well, with the way the market is now, getting a home inspection is slime to none.   The market has changed so much that by putting a home inspection contingency in your offer to purchase you most likely will not win the bid.  Realtors seem to like what is going on in the industry, more profit on increased pricing and no home inspections to deal with.  Although, with this new trend, it puts sellers at risk for legal litigation and puts buyer in a position of buying the unknown and taking the risk of spending thousands more in repairs.

We always encourage having an inspection, even if you purchase the home without a home inspection, get one after you move it.  This will let you know if there is anything significant to address right away.  Plus, give you an understanding of repairs that can be done down the road.

Please if you have any questions or are looking at a home and see something questionable, give us a call.



(blog post are strictly the opinion of the author and not meant to be any legal or home purchasing advise)