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News and information related to home inspection issues.


Information found on home inspections related to plumbing issues that we find. S-Trap type drain: what it looks like, suggest having plumber vent it properly (Video) Lead water main:  Check out this map of Green Bay to see if you home has lead water main. Sewer Mains:  This is the piping that leads from your […]

Roofs and common issues

We’ll post information about roofing and other related issues pertaining to the roof found on our home inspections. Plumbing vents and brick chimney issues.  Home inspection in De Pere  (video) Hail damage.  These “dents” can cause the protective granules on your shingles to “pop” off leaving the backer portion of the shingle exposed.   If you […]

GFCI locations and electrical issues

When performing a home inspection, I note issues related to incorrect outlets.  Whats important to know here is that some of the issues noted where acceptable when the home was built.  As standards change over the years previous situations become “unsafe” or “unacceptable”.  This goes for many things, but I’ll stick to outlets in this […]